Equine Profiles

The following horses and ponies are all available for loan on working livery here at the centre, sponsorship or adoption. A few are available for permanent re-homing.

Many of the photographs on this page were kindly donated by Aspects Photography (www.aspectsphotography.net 07872 020723)

Horse and Ponies available for loan on working livery

Amber 1

Bay Mare Height 14.2hh Age 13

Amethyst came to White Horse Stables with her mother Candy who was again in foal with Amber and later gave birth to her here at the centre. Their mother has been re-homed but Amber and Amethyst remained with us. Amber and Amethyst have been together all their lives. They both need competent and experienced riders but in the correct hands are excellent ponies.

Amethyst 2

Amethyst:- Bay Mare Height 14.2hh Age 14

Ranger 1

Ranger:- Bay Gelding Thoughbred x Cob Height 15.2hh Age 24

Ranger had been so badly mistreated when he arrived at the centre he was afraid of his own shadow. He responded well to schooling and a lot of TLC. He can still be a little spooky but responds well to a confident rider and is very gentle and easy to handle.


Magic:- Coloured Gelding Height 12.2hh Age 24

Magic is the offspring of Shambles and Jack. Shambles was rescued from an auction yard in Wales and very soon gave birth to Magic. Magic has a very nice temperament and is a good all round pony which naturally has made him a favourite with a number of Centre’s regulars.

Eugenie 1

Eugenie:- Grey Mare Height 11hh Age 25

Eugenie is the daughter of Jack, and one of our first rescue ponies, Gypsy, now sadly not with us, leaving us peacefully in her 40th year. She is missed but lives on Eugenie, who is a delightful little pony with lots of character.

Chance:- Grey Gelding Height 12.2hh Age 23.

Chance was the prodigy of Jack and Megan, one of our original rescues from when the centre was based in Essex. He is a very reliable and good all round pony. He would love to have a loaner all of his own.

Chance 2

Bluey:- Skewbald Mare Height 152hh Age 22

Bluey is a big bold beautiful cob with a lovely even temperament. She is very reliable, works very well in the school, is happy hacking out and jumps well. She is a wonderful horse for someone to loan but does not travel well so would not be suitable to take to shows.

Horses and Ponies available for permanent re-homing to loving family homes for a donation to the charity only.

WHS will require a knowledgeable 5 star owner / occupier home which must include a suitable stable and grazing. The home must be within 25 miles of the centre. Regular home checks will be made.

Bronte:- Cleveland Bay Mare Height 17hh Age 22

Bronte came to White Horse as her owner was experiencing difficulties with her. She has been at the centre for a few years during which time she has benefitted from careful schooling. She is now a reliable horse but needs an experienced rider.

Bronte 1

Ralph:- Black Shetland Gelding Height 10.2hh Age 5.

Ralph is a registered Shetland. He was purchased by a gentleman who intended to train him as a first pony for his daughter. When he saw him he was well behaved but when he got him home Ralph proved difficult to handle. Since he has been with White Horse he has been gelded and is now easy to handle. With the right person and correct training he would suit as a child's first pony.


Rosco:- Roan Gelding Height 11.2hh Age 4

Rosco is a registered section A pony. He came to White Horse Stables as his owners were no longer able to care for him. He has been gelded but not yet backed. He has a nice temperament, good confirmation and has all his papers. He is well handled and would suit as a lead rein show pony as he has lovely paces. In the right hands he might make a good child’s riding pony.


Dylan:- Chestnut New Forest Gelding Height 14.1hh Age 23

Dylan would make an ideal companion pony and could be ridden out on gentle hacks on a limited basis. He suffers from a pollen allergy in the spring and summer months, this can be treated with medication. He can sometimes be difficult to handle until he gets to know and learns to trust the person he is with. Dylan is only suitable for rehoming with someone who is experienced.


Mae:- Bay Exmoor Filly Born April 2015


Mae is now two years old. She was born at the centre to Maggie a rescue pony taken in all the way from Somerset. Mae has a nice temperament, is well socialised and easy to handle.

Samson is now 2 years old, He was born at the centre to Delilah who was rescued along with Maggie. He is well socialised and likely to make 14.2hh.


Daphne and Melodie were two of six rescue ponies WHS took in all the way from Somerset. They were owned by a man who kept around a hundred ponies in appalling conditions. He was taken to court and banned from keeping animals for life. They were only 18 months old when they arrived. They are well socialised, easy to handle and have just started thir trainning as riding ponies. They are both progressing very well and have responded postively to everything asked of them.

Daphne and Melodie have been together all their lives and have bonded so should be re-homed together.

The following ponies are now available cuddle livery.

The following horses and ponies are not suitable as riding ponies for various reasons, age too young or too old, temperament or for health reasons. They are ideal for someone who would like a one to one reationship with a horse but does not wish to ride. You would be free to work as much or as little as you choose with your choosen horse helping with day to day care, grooming, possibly training under supervision.

Sparky:- Grey Gelding Height 11hh Age 26.

Sparky was rescued before he was sent to Market where he would most likely have been purchased by the meat men. Luckily a member of staff heard of his situation so he was able to avoid the trauma of the Market. He is very reliable and easy to handle.

Sparky 1

Bobbie:- Chestnut Gelding Height 14.2hh Age 22

Bobbie may be considered for permanent re-homing as a companion pony with an experienced caring person. Bobbie is the product of being very roughly broken in by running him into a bog and when he was exhausted saddling and bridling him. Bobbie has suffered from his difficult start in life and this has left him with trust issues.

Bobbie 2

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