Wanted Volunteers urgently needed to help with the rescue horses. Please call 01580 831266 if you can help or for more information.

Sadly we have to announce that our beloved Figaro developed a very bad colic on 17 July 2017 and despite everything that was done for him he sadly passed away.

We had our own vets attend him twice to examine and give pain relief but it got worse and we were given a few options:
1. To leave him and hope he recovered on his own.
2. Have him put to sleep as it was highly likely that once total pain relief wore off he would be in excruciating agony and die painfully or
3. Get him to the equine hospital asap and into surgery to discover the problem and hopefully save him.

Due to his age (22), he wasn't insured for this procedure so it was a big financial decision to make, as we were told this would cost in the region of £5-£7k. Nevertheless we rushed him to Bell Equine hospital in Maidstone that night, where he was immediately operated on, he had a very severe twist in his colon. The vet managed to untwist the colon and he was optimistic for a full recovery. We left the hospital around 10 pm and came home. At 12.30am the vet called to say he had come round from the operation but then collapsed again in recovery and sadly we lost him. The vet doesn't know why other than the whole process may just have been too much for him in the end.

We knew the risk but couldn't just have him put to sleep without trying. We are now trying raise enough money to cover his vet bill and all donations no matter how small will be gratefully recieved. If you wish to donate please use the link below.



Figaro 1
Fudge 1

WHS is a Pets at Home VIP Club Charity

2015-12-18 13.04.46

Cuddle Livery

If you are unable or do not wish to ride but miss or want regular contact with a horse then WHS's new Cuddle Livery is just the thing for you. We have a number of horses who are not suitable to be ridden due to being too young, too old or for health reasons but would still benefit greatly from a one to one relationship with a sponsor.

The sponsorship involves a contract usually for 1 year and a monthly payment in return for which you would be free to visit your horse as often as you wish and become involved in their care. Most of our rescues love being groomed and it is a great way to build a bond with your horse.

If you are interested please phone Diane on 01580 831266 for details of horses available and the cost of Cuddle Livery sponsorship.

Fudge & Paddy

Somerset Rescue Ponies Latest News.

All the new foals and the six original ponies are doing very well. Samson settled into his new home in the Spring of 2016 and is thriving. Sadie had an operation to remove a malignant sarcoid but recovered and is now doing very well. Maggie has now been backed and her training is progressing well. Sadie and Dorothy are now being ridden and are on loan and Delilah and Ossie now have lovely new homes. Daphne and Melodie (must be kept together) and Mae are still avaliable for rehoming to forever homes. If you feel you could offer a home to these ponies please contact Diane Barclay-Bernard on 01580 831266.

Foals with Mothers
Samson 1


Mae's itch


Mae & Ossie

Ossie and Mae

History of Somerset Rescues

WHS took in six rescue ponies all the way from Somerset. They were owned by a man who kept around a hundred ponies in appalling conditions. He was taken to court and banned from keeping animals for life but Hope Rescue in Somerset still had a very difficult time getting him to pass over ownership. Many of the ponies were in such poor condition that they had to be euthanasied. Many other rescue yards around the country have taken a few ponies.

When the ponies arrived at the end of July 2014 they were completely wild, having never been handled. The staff at WHS have worked with the ponies to gain their trust and they are now easy to handle. Three of the six rescue ponies gave birth to foals. The first to arrive was Samson in the early hours of the morning on the 8th April 2015 then at 2.30am on the 9th April Ossie arrived followed by Mae once again in the early hours of the morning on 10th April.

Maggie, Mae, Daphne, Melodie and Samson are still awaiting their forever homes.

Ponies arriving
Dorothy and Ossie

Dorothy and Ossie

2015-04-10 20.03.38

Maggie and Mae


Delilah and Samson.

Adopt Loan or Sponsor a Horse or Pony

For details of all our horses and ponies available for loan, sponsorship,adoption or our new cuddle livery please see our Equine Profiles page. To help us raise funds for our horses and ponies see our Fundraising page.

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